Animal adoption – Tala cats – Paphos, Cyprus

I’ve travelled to many countries and contributed to mostly animal projects but what I have never done is ask a local to be my companion which I did in Paphos. It’s mostly foreigners who open animal shelters on the island so getting a local engaged was something I was eager to do as it helps spread the word on what we can all do to contribute to worthy causes. Chris, who isn’t actively involved in rewarding causes, experienced a watershed moment that got him engaged enough to see a greater side to life than his very own.

Pet shopping

With our ducks in a row, we set out to shop at Petztuff in Chloraka Home – petzstuff ( The owner, unfortunately I don’t recall his name was super friendly and gave us tips on the best products that were popular at Tala cats. The store isn’t just limited to cats but different pets. His prices were also reasonable but the best part is as Tala Cat sponsors, we were able to get a discount.

Tala cat sanctuary

There’s something magical about this place… The owners, Mark and Dawn, with compassion running through their veins, have dedicated their busy lives to open a cat shelter in Paphos, Cyprus. The shelter is home to over 900 beautiful, friendliest, most cuddly stray cats. I was shell shocked at how many cats in need Paphos has and my thought is we need to do better at helping animals in general! The cats are of different breeds, ages, sizes, some healthier than others. The tireless loving effort of this generous couple who have nothing but love for animals is a perfect example of what “making the world a better place” looks like. I’m by no means suggesting that everyone must open an animal shelter. It’s not a walk at the park, but you can contribute one way or another without much time, effort or breaking the bank!

Tala is located at Agios Neofytos Monastery in Tala, Paphos. Chris and I drove there and we were greeted by a few beautiful cats at the parking lot. We also met a few volunteers who helped us unpack our donation. We then met the owner, Mark who was very lovely and showed us around the sanctuary. We were looking to adopt one female cat as Chris was eager to name a cat Vicky. There was no female cat to sponsor so I suggested we get a male in the meantime. Chris named him Vince and in a few days Mark texted me to let us know that a female cat needed a parent and there it was! Chris and I are now proud feline parents to two beautiful cats!

Tala Cats Contribution

It goes without saying that running a massive shelter such as Tala Cats requires much effort and money to keep it afloat. My guess is logistics range up to £6,000 a month on just veterinary needs! Then there’s food, sanitary/cleaning equipment, toys, beddings, cat boxes, litter, water, electricity bills and general maintenance of the sanctuary.

You can contribute in many ways by volunteering a few hours of your time at the sanctuary to assist in feeding the cats, cleaning or even just cuddling these beautiful felines. Food donations, pet friendly products, toys, sanitary or cleaning products are most welcome.


Princess Vicky
Prince Vince

It’s super affordable. Basically 5 euros a month which is 60 euros a year for one cat (probably subject to change in future). You don’t need to be in Cyprus, you can donate online yearly and I can vouch that Tala Cats is the real deal!


Website – or contact them on FB/Instagram and someone will be in instant touch.

Therefore, the next time you travel to a country for that fancy ski trip or whatever your interests may be, please think about others who have dedicated their time to spend sleepless nights taking care of others in need. If that intimidates you to venture alone, take a friend with you, share with them a rewarding life lesson they will live to remember.

We don’t live in a vacuum. Most people are competent of being proactive, compassionate, generous, empathetic, setting their own materialistic needs aside and care in a conducive, loving, most genuine way with no expectation of a reward. I believe that there is some good in all of us. Humanity still exists.

We are on earth on borrowed time so lets all strive to inspire and be inspired. 😻

#Tala Cats

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